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Dr Luc Lemaître, m.v. Dr Érik Masclé, m.v. Contact us at

450 263-6460

Trousse d'urgence


931, Knowlton rd  West Brome

450 263-6460

 Monday to Friday:  8h30 - 16h30

 Saturday : 8h00 - 11h30


1398, Shefford  Bromont    

 450 534-2661

Monday:      14h00 - 16h30

Wednesday: 14h00 - 16h30

And our mascots… Delete Definitely our "sleeping cat", his name came from the fact that when young, he deleted a great dea of information from our computers.

Thom and Lee are part of our team since they are 3 weeks old. We fell in love with them so rapidly, that is the reason why we decide to keep them. They are almost identical while being very different. Lee is very tacky and affectionate, while Thom is an adventurer and a great player.

Lee and Thom